6 Most Impressive Car Tech for 2016

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Car Tech for 2016

When it comes to cutting-edge technology, Mercedes-Benz is always at the forefront. From smart safety to convenient options to performance-enhancing technology, you’ll find the features you’re looking for in the automaker’s lineup. Get to know the most impressive technology Mercedes-Benz has to offer in its 2016 vehicles.


Plug-In Hybrid

No matter if you’re looking for a vehicle that can drive for hundreds of miles before needing a fill-up or you’re seeking to save on gas money with a more fuel-efficient ride, Mercedes-Benz’s plug-in hybrid technology is the answer. With a combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric drive with a lithium-ion battery, this technology can give you a better ride in most conditions.

Car Tech for 2016

Operate the vehicle in electric driving mode while you’re in town or close to home, and take advantage of the added range from the internal combustion engine on longer road trips. You’ll find plug-in hybrid technology in the GLE SUV and in the C-Class coupe and sedan.

Night View Assist® Plus

Driving at night can be a serious challenge, especially when you’re navigating through the country. With Mercedes-Benz Night View Assist® Plus, you can see both people and animals even when it’s nearly pitch black outside. This infrared technology has a range of 160 meters, so you’ll be able to identify figures on the road with plenty of time to stop, swerve, or otherwise react. Night View Assist® Plus is available on the GLS SUV, the S-Class coupe and sedan, and the SL roadster.

Dynamic Select

Whether you’re driving in the city or out on the open road, not all conditions require the same style of operation. The Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Select switch, located in the center console, allows you to choose from a variety of customized driving styles and even lets you create your own. Choose from the standard Comfort setting, which ensures optimal fuel efficiency, or switch to the Sport setting for a more dynamic and agile driving experience. In a vehicle with Airmatic, use the Sport+ setting to take the vehicle’s response to the next level. Opt for the Eco setting to use the smallest amount of fuel possible.

Car Tech for 2016

Make your Mercedes-Benz your own by establishing an Individual mode, which allows you to establish your preferred steering, suspension, and drive settings. Get Dynamic Select on the GLC, and C-Class vehicles.

Intelligent Drive

One of the most impressive technologies for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Intelligent Drive encompasses most of the automaker’s safety features. Active Lane Keeping Assist relies on sensors to know whether you’re drifting out of your lane, and it vibrates the steering wheel or applies the brakes to keep you on the right track. Active Blind Spot Assist keeps track of vehicles in your blind spot and applies the brakes if you turn into an unseen vehicle.

Collision Prevention Assist Plus helps you maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of you and creates both a visual and audible warning if you get too close to vehicles ahead. This feature also applies the brakes if it senses an imminent collision. Most Intelligent Drive features are available on the C-Class sedan, E-Class coupe and sedan, and S-Class vehicles.

Attention Assist

Car Tech for 2016

One of the smartest features offered by Mercedes-Benz, Attention Assist gets to know your particular driving style and adapts accordingly. This technology monitors more than 70 factors of your driving style and uses the data it’s collected to detect unusual occurrences. It factors in things like road conditions and your level of interaction with the vehicle’s controls to detect drowsiness. If the Attention Assist system detects fatigue, it produces an audible alert and encourages you to rest before continuing to drive. Attention Assist technology is available on CLS-Class vehicles.


As one of the most comprehensive Mercedes-Benz technologies,mbrace® includes safety, convenience, navigation, and entertainment. Thembrace® Connect system allows you to start and lock your vehicle remotely as well as track where your vehicle has been. It also lets you turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot with Internet connections for up to four devices.

You can rely on thembrace® system for Roadside Assistance, calling for emergency help in an accident situation, and establishing parental controls for teen drivers. Thembrace® Concierge system allows you to input addresses into your vehicle’s navigation system from your smartphone and also gives you the option to call a virtual assistant for help with finding destinations and determining routes.

Whether you’re seeking safety features or futuristic options, Mercedes-Benz has it covered. Look for this technology in vehicles at your local Athens, Georgia, Mercedes-Benz dealership, and find the ideal vehicle for you.

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