Hassle-Free Lease-End Experience

At Mercedes-Benz of Athens, we know you would rather be cruising the road behind the wheel of your Mercedes-Benz than worry about the hassle of your lease ending. Now, you don’t have to with Mercedes-Benz Hassle-Free Lease-End Experience.

As your lease comes closer to an end you have three options to choose from:

  1. Return your current Mercedes-Benz and replace with a newer model.
    Typically, when you return your current lease you become eligible for Mercedes-Benz Loyalty Program. This allows you lease a newer Mercedes-Benz model at a lower rate than you would previously have leased at. Essentially this allows you to lease a newer model Mercedes-Benz with similar payments to your previous lease.
  2. Extend your Current lease.
  3. Purchase Your Vehicle.

If you choose to purchase or extend your lease, contact Mercedes-Benz of Athens and our team will be happy to assist you throughout and the entire process.

If you are unsure of which option you would like to take as your lease end date is coming up, we have taken every step possible to make this process as simple as possible. Prior to your lease end you will receive several communications regarding your lease end to keep you up to date as to what steps need to be taken.

Lease Return Pre-Inspection

Make sure to schedule your lease return Pre-Inspection 45-60 days before your lease end date.

This inspection is performed by a third-party vehicle inspection team, that will inspect the vehicle at a location of your choice. When that day arrives please ensure the vehicle interior and exterior is clean to allow for a smooth inspection process and make sure the keys are present. The inspection takes about 45 minutes and does not require your immediate presence.

Once the inspection is completed there will be a full inspection report posted online for you to review. For a detailed explanation of what is considered excess wear and use please reference your lease return guide. You will also have the option of repairing wear and use damage through us should that be needed.

A second inspection will occur upon returning the vehicle on your lease end date. Once your lease has been returned you will receive a final lease end report summarizing any and all details in regards to your lease return.