Mercedes-Benz Introduces the A-Class

July 19th, 2017 by

mercedes a-class

Mercedes-Benz is bringing the A-Class to the United States. The A-Class will likely arrive at some point in 2018. This is fantastic news for Mercedes-Benz fans who reside in the states. The A-Class is a fairly small sedan that slots just below the popular automaker’s CLA-Class sedan. The C-Class has styling similar to a coupe. Though the C-Class Mercedes-Benz is not egregiously small, it is worth noting that it is the most diminutive of the automaker’s vehicles available in the United States. The A-Class will be completely distinct in just about every facet. One of the vehicle’s key selling points is its accessible price point. Buyers won’t have to break the bank to drive this beauty around town. Let’s take at the details of the new A-Class to whet auto-buyers’ appetites.

The A-Class Look

The A-Class has been styled as a hatchback in years past. However, it will have a sedan body once introduced to the American market. It will have a sporty look with angular headlights, uber-smooth sides and a hood that is low to the ground. The A-Class is a bit shorter and wider than the current CLA model. It measures just under 180 inches long, 57.6 inches tall and 73.6 inches wide. The vehicle sits on 20-inch wheels. Lines and creases will be minimized as much as possible to emphasize the vehicle’s body and form. The proportions are just right. The surface design is best described as sensual as it sweeps at precise angles, creating an aesthetic with true mass appeal. The radiator grille, mirror casing and roof spoiler are quite sleek. This is the sporty ride you have been waiting for.

a-class rear

A-Class Price

There is plenty of talk as to what the MSRP on the new A-Class will be. Most auto industry analysts expect the vehicle’s starting MSRP to be below the $32,700 price of the CLA-Class. The CLA was priced slightly below $30,000 when it originally debuted in 2013. Interested buyers should plan on spending somewhere in the range of $30,000 for the new A-Class. The fairly low price is meant to make the new A-Class attractive to young vehicle-seekers.


Though the details of the A-Class have not been fully revealed, the vehicle is certainly on the cutting edge of automotive technology. Anticipated features include:

  • Mercedes-Benz phone module with Bluetooth®
  • Drive Kit Plus for iPhone
  • 9 airbags
  • 6-speed or 9-speed automatic transmission
  • Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with around 400 horses
  • Front-wheel drive with optional all-wheel drive

a-class front

When Will the new A-Class be Available?

The vehicle’s concept was revealed at the Shanghai auto show this past spring. The release date is not set in stone. Auto industry insiders are anticipating an initial sale date of September in 2018. The earliest the A-Class will hit showroom floors in the states is probably the summer of ’18.