Mercedes Connect Me

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At Mercedes-Benz, the most enjoyable automobile purchasing experience of your life continues long after the delivery of your finely crafted vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz connect me experience is a package of digital Mercedes-Benz services and products to reduce stress and keep you protected.

Mercedes Connect Me

Mercedes-Benz Connect Me Services

Mercedes-Benz connect me provides owners with maintenance management, on-board diagnostic assistance, stranded motorist assistance, and collision warning and recovery assistance. Mercedes-Benz connect is ready to scan service records and automatically alert the dealership of any upcoming maintenance repairs or alert emergency personnel in the event of a breakdown or severe motor vehicle crash.

Mercedes-Benz connect me can also interact with your smartphone via the optional Remote Online Services feature to allow operation of certain vehicle functions from remote locations. Roll widows up, lock doors, turn off lights, and close the sun roof from inside your living room with this high-tech feature.

The Parked Vehicle Locater allows you to locate your vehicle even in the largest and most crowded parking conditions. The innovative system uses geo-fencing to pin point your vehicle’s location and calculate your quickest path to it.

Mercedes Connect MeLive Traffic Information will help you arrive at your destination on time, every time. This extremely precise traffic data system utilizes global positioning satellite technology to monitor traffic conditions in real-time, then calculate your shortest possible route and suggest step-by-step alternatives to heavily congested areas that may slow you down.

The Mercedes-Benz Apps package adds comfort and convenience to every trip. Social networking, audio, and navigation apps help you to connect to the outside world through the Mercedes-Benz COMMAND online services package. Apps typically require a suitable smartphone for connectivity. Get instant access to the latest airline flight schedules, hotel arrangements, and weather service providers with this package.

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Athens, Georgia and ask about getting connected to the Mercedes-Benz connect system. The dealer will link your vehicle to the system and then you can personalize your services and selections from a wide range of available packages.

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